Must-Have Products for Spring Break

March 18, 2021
Spring break is right around the corner, and although you may not be going far due to the pandemic—we still can’t deny ourselves that much-needed vacay! Spring break is the perfect time to start working on your base tan before the hot summer months. Before you get a chance to lay out in the sun, however, head to your local TanCo to benefit from our spray tan and UV bed options. After all, nobody wants to lay out on a beach in their new bikini looking like they’ve been holed up inside all winter! Regardless of whether you’re traveling to the sunny coast or staying closer to home, TanCo offers a variety of different lotions and bronzers. These products are perfect for ensuring your skin stays hydrated, healthy, and bronzed. Keep reading for some must-have spring break products that will make it feel like the beach came to you!

Luxurious Lotions
A smooth, buttery, and moisturizing tanning lotion works wonders, so if you frequently tan—under the sun or in the salon—one of these tanning lotions is essential to ensuring your skin stays hydrated all spring break. Take a look at a couple of TanCo tanning lotion favorites:

∙ Australian Gold: Smooth Legs
This bronzing lotion has a tropical amber fragrance with hints of mango, papaya, and orange. Its bronzing formula is perfect for achieving a natural tanned look, as well as smoothing your legs and helping to blur any imperfections.

∙ JWOWW: Fit Life
Perfect for tanners who like to hit the gym, this bronzing lotion aids in improving the skin’s moisture retention, while the added caffeine helps achieve a more toned appearance. The added protein powder provides the skin with essential nutrients including protein, calcium, and vitamins.

Beachside Bronzers
Nothing is better than feeling bronzed and beautiful while soaking up the sun! Finding your perfect shade of bronzer will ensure that you stay tan both on and off the beach. Selecting the best shade(s) for a bronzer is quite simple, always try to invest in two shades—one that has a deeper tone than your natural skin to even out the darker areas, and one that has a lighter tone to liven up your facial features. Check out these designer bronzers, and don’t forget to choose two shades:

∙ Designer Skin: Tattle Tail
Mineral glow formula and added shimmer will literally make you sparkle with this golden colored bronzer, making it the perfect choice for your new light toned bronzer.

∙ Designer Skin: Awestruck
This bronzer has encapsulated activated charcoal beads, no added gluten, hemp, nuts, parabens, or soy, and a dark brown hue. This makes it a great option for a deeper toned shade to pair with the Designer Skin: Tattle Tail bronzer.

∙ JWOWW: CBD Black Bronzer
This black bronzer blend will give you instant, flawless results. It contains a hydrating blend of oils and vitamin E which helps hydrate and alleviate dry skin, as well as its Ink Drink Complex that is ideal for any tattooed tanners.

Sunshine Specialties
Make sure you stay glowing and bronzed long after spring break ends with some of these specialty products. Regardless of your spring break plans, TanCo’s got you covered!

∙ Designer Skin: Glow Daze
Liquid illuminating drops give off a designer glow complex with retouch technology. This bronzer has a satin base blend, which is very light on the skin with no added fragrance.

∙ Australian Gold: Hemp Nation Caramel Brulee Tan Extender
Hemp Seed Oil Tan Extender is great for getting your tan to last a few extra days until your next tan appointment or pool day. With no added parabens, vegan formula, THC-Drug free ingredients, and a delicious smelling caramel brûlée fragrance, this is sure to become your new favorite tan extender.

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