How to Maintain Your Tan This Winter

February 10, 2021
It’s that time of year where temperature drops, shortened days and less sun take over for the next couple months whether we like it or not. While many continue their lifestyle routine, there may still be some question, to tan or not to tan?

Put the Blues to Bed
Let’s face it, the sun is on its annual hibernation in the northern hemisphere and it’s going to be this way for the next couple of months. Skipping out on the tanning bed might be a thought, but is not recommended. Studies show that having a lack of vitamin D causes the skin to lose its vibrance and resorts in less endorphins.

Before you Sun
Now that the coast is clear on winter time tanning let’s get into the basics of what should happen before your glow session. Whether it’s winter or summer, it’s important to follow a few steps to get the best results and to protect your skin. Without fail you should always take a shower, shave, and exfoliate at least 24-48 hours prior to your initial tanning session.
Experienced tanners should exfoliate at least once a week and use a paraben free body wash. While your normal everyday hygiene products are popular, you'll most likely want to skip whatever products you are using to clean yourself with. You want to use something that was specifically designed for skin being exposed to UV rays indoors such as TanCo featured designer products and JWOWW Jenni Farley full tanning lotion line equipped for every shade.

The exfoliation process is crucial because your scrub of choice acts as a helpmate to remove any expired skin cells and prepares your skin before indoor tanning. Finally, you have arrived to the salon and are about to begin building a gorgeous bronze tan. This final step before you get in the bed is the most IMPORTANT. If you take anything away from this blog PLEASE make sure you are using indoor tanning specific lotion purchased from a professional salon.
Not using a tanning lotion isn’t a good idea, it’s almost like brushing your teeth without using any toothpaste. We are all blessed with one set of skin for this lifetime and if we don't do our part to take care of it eventually it’ll show signs of wear. When you take proper care of things they last and your skin should never be taken for granted. All of the steps combined will allow the UV rays to penetrate your skin to enhance the production of melanin, which is the brownish pigment that makes you darker.

Fresh out? How to Maintain
Once that timer goes off, the bed and UV rays have done their job which means it’s up to you to do yours. Investing in a premium tan extender to use daily is going to replace any vitamins and nutrients that your skin has lost during the tanning process. Aftercare for your tan can seem timely and unnecessary when you make frequent visits. Some are simply on-the-go yet, aftercare is the secret ingredient of preserving the perfect tan and keeping your skin healthy. Dry temperatures and cold winter air leave your skin at risk of peeling and your tan in danger of fading. Cool showers, drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day, and using plenty of moisturizer is a sure-fire way to ensure your skin stays healthy and glowing all year long.

Product Spotlight: Australian Gold & Swedish Beauty are great for prepping your skin before and moisturizing your skin after tanning.

Tanco is ready to help you look and feel phenomenal in every season! We challenge you to come indulge yourself in our unforgettable experience. Call your local Tanco today and book an appointment with one of our certified tanning consultants.r
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