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Why Franchise? Be In Business For Yourself, Not By Yourself. Franchising provides a business model and system to help you build your future. The combination of driven small business owners with the experience of a large company creates a rewarding partnership. By opening a franchise, you benefit from a proven system with years of experience without suffering the many pitfalls new businesses endure. Why not benefit from a system that works hard for you? Quick and Easy Start-Up • Nationwide chains are more recognized by lenders than private businesses, creating more accessible financing. • The Tanco® builds on the franchise model. • A successful system with years of experience • An ongoing training program covering tanning memberships, employee certification, sales & marketing techniques, management methods, software, product knowledge and more. • By taking advantage of mass buying power, our franchisees benefit by buying more for less, ultimately increasing the bottom line. • Powerful advertising support • Choice of single location or multiple-unit locations to qualified franchise applicants These are a few reasons it makes sense to join a winning team – the Tanco Team! We’ve found success in converting existing salons into Tanco franchises. Tanco is looking for entrepreneurs, such as yourself, that know what it takes to be successful in this industry. If you have ever found yourself wondering what it takes to become more successful each and every year, then Tanco is ready to help you achieve the success you desire. Whether you are just starting out, or are an established salon, you will gain immediate advantages when you convert to a Tanco franchise.

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Testimonials “I started my career with The TAN Company in 2002. As a manager in training, I experienced how much the company had to offer and saw a bright future. In a short time, I decided to make this business my career. Through company expansion and additional training offered by the company, I was promoted to the General Manager position. In less than two years, at age 23, I made a life changing decision, to become a Tan Company franchise owner. That decision has been the best investment I have ever made.” Erin Layton Franchisee Farmington, MO

Development Support


Your investment will depend on several variables. The number of rooms, the number of beds and the square footage of the location will be the main determining factors. Additional expenses will include the cost of furniture, fixtures, equipment, leasehold improvements (i.e., electrical and HVAC upgrades) and final design of the salon.


Once the decision is made to join Tanco® team, your next step to success is the financing. Bank lenders are statistically more likely to finance a franchise over a private independent start-up business. The financing can be through a Small Business Administration (SBA) lender, a commercial banker or an equipment lease vendor. Tanco will help in the preparation of an industry business plan, provide community demographics, and help with the completion of all loan documents. It makes sense to join our winning team! SBA Registry – The TAN Company is listed on the SBA Registry. If you choose to pursue SBA backed loans, the listing helps expedite the process. • 10 year terms • 80-85% financing • Sufficient working capital and start-up LOCs • Assistance with business plan development • Committed to quick service and responsive loan reviews

Site Selection

We help you eliminate as much guess work as possible and find the most promising location in your desired area. We will stay with you every step of the way as you decide on a location. Tanco will help you to develop insights into your specific market by completing a demographic analysis of the area. This analysis gives you information on the most advantageous location(s) for your salon. We help you verify the traffic counts, visibility of the salon and look at all major store anchors in the market. We help franchisees strive for market dominance through strong brand-building programs, extensive training in salon management and sales building, and the wise development of your salon. Our locations enjoy above industry averages, due in part not only to our strong brand and larger facilities, but even more to the strong support we provide franchisees in developing successful tanning salons. After you have signed the franchise agreement, Tanco will help you: • Select a location • Provide market analyses and demographics • Assist you in a competitive analysis • Assist you with a lease • Design your salon • Obtain construction support • Select the appropriate equipment for your salon • Assist you with contractor build-out Be in business for yourself, not by yourself! We are prepared to help you achieve a quick opening and build a successful business.

Store Design

At Tanco we are experts at making sure you get your money’s worth out of every square foot of your salon. With the assistance of our designated architect, we can provide you a set of CAD drawings from the dimensions provided by your landlord. From that point, we help you design your salon to maximize traffic, retail profits, and visibility, all with professional attention to detail. Tanco — the image you should expect! Completing your due diligence and being awarded Tanco franchise is only the beginning. Team Tan works closely with you to review potential locations and layout a salon design that not only is convenient and easy to work, but is attractive and builds repeat business. With the property identified, as you proceed to obtain permitting, work on the layout commences. Good salon design is part of an integrated system. A system that provides an overall client experience that leads the tanning industry. • Contemporary designs • State-of-the-art decors • Low Maintenance layouts • Point of Sale (‘POS’) systems • Easy to learn • Provides quick client look-ups • Quick to tan convenience • Maintains excellent client tanning history • Modular wall systems that reduce build-out expense • Coordinated installation of beds and walls that expedite opening • Expert consultants conveniently available Once permitted, and with an opening in sight, Tanco works closely with you during build-out, employee selection and training, and preparation for the grand opening.


Tanco’s preferred vendors provide superior equipment with all the hottest features. With 5 different levels of tanning beds, we believe our franchisees have a competitive edge over other tanning salons. With our “upgrade system” of tanning, Tanco provides a system for success. Franchisees enjoy the buying power of Tanco assuring lower prices on top-of-the-line equipment. We strive to be the best tanning salon franchise with the best equipment!

Franchise Support

Internal Support

Tanco® realizes that the internal support system of a franchise is the most compelling reason an entrepreneur chooses a franchise opportunity. We have created an extensive support program, to ensure the success of the franchisee. Tanco Operations Department, which currently operates 29 salons, continually works with new combinations of tanning equipment and tanning programs to give our franchises an edge over the competition. The We negotiate with our bed manufacturer, lotion distributor and other suppliers to ensure the franchisee is continually receiving the best products at the best price. The daily hands-on operation of salons has provided us the expertise to stay ahead of industry trends with effective advertising and marketing campaigns that are tailored to each individual market.

Operational Support

The main goal of our Operations Department is to serve the franchisee. This support and guidance begins the day you decide to become part of  the Tanco® team. The Operations Department will schedule initial training to help you start well-prepared. With our system for success, comprehensive training includes: • New owner and manager training • Development timelines and new store opening guide • On-site training for your staff prior to opening • On-site presence at the grand opening for five days to help you start strong • On-going assistance and development

5 Star Training

The key to an effective and successful operation is a highly trained and passionate sales staff and ownership group. We provide a nationally recognized training program that leads the industry in classroom and comprehensive web-based training regimens. A first in the industry, The Tanco University was established in 2000 with one goal in mind; to develop the most knowledgeable and motivated sales team the industry has ever seen. The Tanco University is our primary training resource, with the capability to train over 100 employees at any given time. The University also role-plays and tests for knowledge retention to make sure that our commitment is realized. That commitment is to effectively train you and your staff before a new client is even seen. The full line of training classes includes customer service, service operations, skin care, tanning sales, local marketing efforts, sales management, product knowledge, draft retention and advanced closing techniques to increase your per client profit.


Our dedicated marketing team has hands-on knowledge and experience within our salons, which allows us the opportunity to provide a comprehensive marketing plan to all of our franchisees. Our team’s efforts are fresh, keep up with the demands of ever-changing times, and most importantly, meet the wants and needs of potential tanners. We will provide a step-by-step marketing timeline and a mix of all of the elements that are needed to make every new franchise salon opening successful. In addition, our team will provide consultations and marketing programs to continuously fit the needs of your salon.


Our marketing team has created an extensive advertising program in which all franchisees can participate. We have a dynamic system constantly generating new ideas and creative programs. Each advertising component can be customized for every salon. Franchisees of Tanco® receive assistance with: business cards, direct mail, outdoor advertising, print, radio, in-store signage, email blasts, flyers, and other requested elements.

Technology at work

Strong systems providing quick client support Successful salons always put the client first. Tanco® has built its business, reputation and future upon treating the client better than any other tanning salon. Offering an overall experience that is second to none in the tanning industry. As a franchisee of Tanco, you and your team are provided the training to meet these high standards and the marketing tools to help both build and fulfill the client’s expectation. You will learn how to determine the client needs, how to help them acquire the tan they want, and how to build a client relationship based upon knowledge, performance and satisfaction. The Tanco system encourages long-term client loyalty. Clients are accustomed to cleanliness, to great beds, to friendly sales people, and professional assistance with their lotion choices and building a great looking tan. Management oversight and review Once you are awarded a franchise, you really are “in business for yourself, not by yourself”. Through participation in the operation of the salon, conversations with your people and The Tanco team, and general observation you will form opinions of what is happening, how your sales are shaping up and whether the business is growing the way you planned. But you can’t be there all the time. At least not in person. Tanco’s state-of-the-art POS and management systems support remote monitoring of your business from your home or off-site office. Not only can you see what is happening in the computer system, you can also monitor the location through remote video feeds. Seeing what is happening, and knowing how it impacts your salon’s business is an integral part of the owner training provided in St. Louis prior to opening. On-going support from the franchise operations team further support your efforts to optimize salon sales performance and increase profitability. Helios Helios 12 is a powerful POS (Point-of-Sale) salon software program for Microsoft Windows. It allows users to maintain absolute control over all aspects of salon sales and salon inventory while presenting an easy and professional customer checkout. Any salon software can save you time, increase accuracy and provide greater control over what happens at the sales counter. But most salon systems involve high prices, complex setup and big training requirements. Helios 12 is the alternative that removes these barriers with an easy to use, affordable system.

Multi-Unit Development Opportunities

Tanco® encourages multi-unit ownership. Developing multiple locations provides many benefits including: • Increased advertising effectiveness and common programs for invested dollar if the locations are in the same market. • Spreads ownership and management costs over a wider sales base • Increases competitive positioning • Enables a sharing of employees between locations • Tanco offers two programs to qualified applicants to encourage development of multiple salons. Multi-Unit Franchise – Available to financially qualified applicants who commit to developing three (3) or more salons within three years. Individual market areas are identified at the time of the franchise agreement signing and a development schedule is established as part of the agreement. The Multi-Unit Agreement fee is negotiated based upon the number of salons included in the agreement. Area Development Agreement – Is offered to financially and operationally qualified applicants who want to participate in both the operation – ownership of salons and the sale – development of a given area. The agreement includes a defined area, a development schedule and fee participation. Additional details are available upon request.

“I think I like The TAN Company®!” “What happens next?” “How do we make this happen?”

1.    Tell us you’re interested.

Call or send us an e-mail of when the best time to contact you is. . . and whether by e-mail or phone. Request an application is you want to expedite the process.

2.    Visit a TAN Company tanning salon if one is nearby.

Once you have received The TAN Company information and had a chance to talk to a company representative by phone or in person, and like what you see . . . if you haven’t yet visited an open Tan Company Salon, now would be a good time to do so. Visit as a customer, look around, see what is happening, and watch other customers and how they are treated. See The TAN Company system at work.  Form your own opinions.

3.    Complete an application and mail / fax it to:

The TAN Company® Attn:  New Franchise Development 11 Champion Drive Fenton, MO 63026 Or fax to (636) 305-9444 (An application can be requested via e-mail or phone call.) Upon receipt, we will review your business experience, financial qualifications, and area(s) of interest. Then, contact you to schedule a phone call.

4.    Let’s talk seriously:

We’ll call you at a pre-established time that is mutually convenient to both of us. If you wish to include a spouse or business partner in a conference call, please let us know and we’ll make arrangements. The call is both free-flowing and structured. First we’d like to learn much more about you and what you want, your plans and thoughts. Then we share more information about The TAN Company, our company and goals. Then a very open conversation about whether your plans and interests coincide with ours, and whether it’s worth going on to the next step. Special Note: Hopefully by this time we’re becoming friends and are developing a mutual respect based upon knowledge, candor and common interest.  We’ve found that there are two good answers in life,“yes” and “no”.  If you’re not interested, please tell us “no”.  We’ll appreciate it.  It will save you from our follow-up, and we’ll part as friends respecting each other.

5.    Discovery Day!  Come meet us.

Schedule a visit to The TAN Company® corporate office in Fenton, MO (St. Louis). We’ll send you a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) prior to the trip. It is an offer to sell you a franchise if you qualify. It discloses relevant information about us (our financials, bios of key individuals, list of franchisees, etc.), and also contains the franchise document and other relevant agreements. Getting to St. Louis is your expense.   Plan to arrive late afternoon, and we’ll meet you at the airport (unless you’re driving in) and take you to the hotel. That evening, we’ll go out for a casual dinner. The next morning it’s ‘meet the team’, time to talk Marketing, Training, Operations, Business Practices, Site Selection and Development, and Management. We’ll get you on your way at a reasonable time. But first, it’s time for a choice.  Do you want to become a franchisee?  What are the open questions?

6.    Let’s do it!

We will begin preparing the final documents for your review and signature.  We will also notify The TAN Company Team and set in motion the support effort to help you have a great opening. Sign the documents and send them back and write a check for $30,000 if you are doing a single location. (Multi-unit development agreements are also possible, and require a larger initial fee.) Now the real work begins.  We establish a schedule / timeline of pre-opening efforts that is mutually acceptable to reach your projected opening date. You’re a Tan Company franchisee and we’ve become strategic partners! Pledge of Confidentiality As you evaluate The TAN Company® franchise opportunity we seek to provide the information you request, and when appropriate put you in contact with franchisees and others who can  provide / assist / validate additional answers to the questions that arise in a good due diligence. An early part of the process is our request that you sign confidentiality, non-disclosure agreement. In turn, we want to learn more about you, your goals and business plan for the salon, and who will be involved in operating / owning the salon with you. We pledge to keep the information you provide confidential. It will be shared only with those that need to know and that assist you in your due diligence. We respect your privacy, and will work to earn your confidence.

Application for Additional Information

Please complete this application as soon as possible to continue your investigation of The TAN Company franchise. Filing out this form does not obligate the applicant to purchase or the franchisor to franchise. Complete in full. NOTE: Failure to answer any question fully delays action.

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